Alberto Biasi

In 1965, Alberto Biasi (a founding member of Gruppo N, the Italian branch of lumino-kinetic art) took part in the historic exhibition The Responsive Eye at MoMA in New York. Since then, he has continued to deepen his “optico-dynamic” experiments and their retinal reception by the viewer. The concept of “motor eye” gives the viewer […]

Portrait of an artist #5 : Julien Ribot

Julien Ribot

A 1995 graduate of the École supérieure d’arts graphiques Penninghen, Julien Ribot navigates between a career as a visual artist and a musician. After composing four albums,  working with a symphonic orchestra and a choir, and creating the theater piece “Son Penning hen” with Nicolas Maury (played at the Avignon Festival and at the Fondation […]