Elementary colors, elementary forms, flattened spaces, confusion between form and substance, space and object, base and work, art and design… It is to a clever mixture of genres and a joyful mishmash of forms that Nathalie Du Pasquier, since the 1980s, likes to confront us in upside down spaces. For the French artist and designer, […]



“Making the invisible visible”, showing the imprint of time by capturing on blank canvases stretched over matrices installed in nature the micro-organisms deposited by the wind and rain by leaves, dust, insects… Resulting from a slow process based on the concept of “laissez-faire”, Clément Borderie ‘s canvas-pieces give abstraction the density of life. In her […]

 LORIS CECCHINI : Non-elementary particles


Loris Cecchini, a leading artist born in 1969 in Milan, explores in a playful and highly decorative way “a reconfiguration of our sense of space and our contact with the environment”. A “reconfiguration” which, on the first floor of the iconic sailboat-shaped tower rising above the artificial sands of Dubai, in the Pop-Up exhibition space […]

 YAZUAKI ONISHI : Hidden Landscapes


To “capture the void,” “to seize the reverse side of the matter,” such are the stakes of the spectacular work of the Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi, born in 1979 in Osaka, where he lives and works to reverse our vision of the world, to allow us to “look at it from a different point of […]

 MAREO RODRIGUEZ : Graphic abyss

Mareo Rodriguez

Faults, breaks, cracks, folds, expansions… From stratified landscapes to broken stones, from rocky invasions to luminous tears, Mareo Rodriguez’s imaginary topographies seem to open up before us the bowels of the earth, this subterranean world populated by caverns and gaps, revealing the immensity of the abyss… Playing with monumentality and the difference of scales, but […]


James Turrell

Like Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson, Robert Morris, and the other pioneers of the Land Art adventure started at the end of the 70s, James Turrell moves immense masses of earth, models them to transform desert sites into sculptures, or rather, into cosmic theaters intended to make man hear the heartbeat of the earth, from its […]

WANG KEPING: Metamorphoses

Wang Keping

Evoking some archaic goddesses from the depths of time, Wang Keping ‘s monumental wooden sculptures fascinate by their density and sensuality. Maternity, Origin of the World, Cyclops Woman… half-figure, half-totem, they appear frozen in their metamorphoses, suspended between form and formlessness, incarnation and abstraction… Carved in hundred-year-old trees, these hieratic figures seem to come from […]

Xinyi Cheng: new darling in Paris

Xinyi Cheng

Much in demand in Europe, she just keeps accumulating exhibitions. After hanging her works on the walls of the François Pinault Trade Exchange, it is at Lafayette Anticipation that they will now be visible. Thus revealing her genius to the curious who come to intoxicate themselves with the talent of the famous Xinyi Cheng. Five […]


Ymane Chabi-Gara

The Hikkikomori are young Japanese men in a situation of chosen isolation. It is also the title of the large-scale paintings of Ymane Chabi-Gara. From cultural discovery to language learning, Japan is at the heart of the artist’s imagination, “so far from Western references, it makes different things emerge,” she says. It is therefore her […]

Open-air Art: A Stroll Through the Can’t-miss Parisian Street Art Spots

Street Art

Often provocative, sometimes funny or with strong political connotations, street art first started by invading public spaces illegally before gaining recognition as a discipline in its own right, carried by major artists and recognized by renowned institutions and critics. In France, particularly in Paris and its suburbs, graffiti and tags have multiplied on walls and […]