Former assistant director and set photographer, the wife of the great director Wim Wenders, Donata Wenders has been developing a poetic black-and-white photographic work since 1995.  It is in her series, In the Snow (2010), that her work comes closest to a pictorialist research: elegant female figures appear as if in transparency behind a rain […]


Cinco Sólidos is a Colombian design and architecture studio based in Medellín. Combining interior design, architecture, branding, furniture design, and project management, the studio’s international creations are renowned for their dreamy aesthetic. One example is this fascinating hotel project on a Caribbean Island. On the cliffside, with a breathtaking 180° view of the ocean, suspended […]


Photography as a caress “For me, photography is the opposite of detachment. It is a way of touching the other: it is a caress.” This magnificent definition of photography in the form of a declaration of love by Nan Goldin is a beautiful entry into the intimacy of the love scenes presented at the Maison […]