Simulacra A nugget in the midst of the expansive, heterogeneous unpacking of the Venice Biennale 2022 exhibition, “The Milk of Dreams,” the photographic series Mama, created in 2018 by the Polish artist Aneta Grzeszykowska, is as disturbing as it is upsetting. Reactivating the subversive themes dear to the Surrealists through the fetishized figure of the […]


Winner of the Picto Young Fashion Photographer Award in 2020, Chiron Duong is making a name for himself on the international scene with his flamboyant, twirling visual works. This former architect of Vietnamese origin turned to photography with a declared ambition: to represent traditional Vietnamese culture from a contemporary perspective. Far from the clichés, his […]

Vanessa Bosio: behind the scenes

Vanessa Bosio is a photographer of the moment. Whether behind the scenes of a fashion show or on a construction site, the photographer captures unique images, because they are raw, real and alive. No posing, no staging, no preparation: Vanessa Bosio is interested in the emotion of a look, a gesture or an object. During […]


Winner of the Picto Grand Prize for Fashion Photography at this 24th edition, photographer Christopher Barraja unveils with his intimate series “De Chlore et de Rosé” a bewitching ode to intertwined bodies. In the course of his various shots, the photographer invites the viewer to travel in search of an intoxicating iodized elsewhere.  As soon […]

Dillon Marsh: For What It’s Worth

Cape Town-based photographer Dillon Marsh is known for his committed work that highlights the impact of man on his environment. Dillon has travelled across South Africa to photograph the impact of mining activities on nature. Mixing pure photography with computer-generated elements, the “For What It’s Worth” series shines a spotlight on the raw and unsightly […]

Patty Carroll : Portraits of Domestic Life

Patty Carroll’s first solo exhibition at Gallery XII in Los Angeles. Bright colors and pastels of a modern soap opera – white, pink, orange, yellow – or black bodies of decomposed models, faces disappearing under accumulations of objects, flowers or good-natured decoration; the subjects of the photographs are presented in domestic environments that deny them […]

Elizaveta Porodina : Dreaming in color

An internationally renowned fashion photographer, Elizaveta Porodina is particularly dazzling in her mastery of photography. Neon colors, silhouettes drawn as if with the tip of a pencil, reflections, brilliance or transparencies creating a unique pictorial impression… her universe is thus described as dreamlike and surreal. Indeed, her work is sometimes reminiscent of Man Ray’s photographs, […]


“The black sun of melancholy”1 Desolate landscapes, sad, worried faces, golds emerging from grey dawns or black twilights… Todd Hido’s new photographs are imbued with melancholy. Bare trees struggling in the mist, fallen trees blown down by the wind, deserted horizons and roads… it is the solitude (of beings and of nature) that emanates from […]

Mulhouse Biennial: Cosmic and Photographic Magic

The cosmos, often referred to as the cradle of humanity as much as its destination, does not escape the gaze of photographers, and this is what the Mulhouse Biennial of Photography is highlighting this year through its title, “Corps Céleste.” Thus, the luminous body of the photograph meets that which reaches us from the stars. […]


Created in 1960 in Paris, on the initiative of Raymond Queneau, OuLiPo (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle) set itself the task of discovering new potentialities of language and modernizing language through writing games. Born two years earlier, Chema Madoz could not have been part of the adventure. Situated on the borders of surrealism and the absurd, […]