Dutch artist, Scarlett Hooft Graafland works all over the world. From one country to another, in places of natural magic, she collaborates with local populations to stage installations and dance performances, of which only these minimalist photographs bring back the traces. Bolivian salt desert, Malagasy island, arctic and marine landscape, confront and dialogue through her […]


From June 3 to November 20, 2022, Hollywood is on display in Berlin! In this highly anticipated exhibition, the Helmut Newton Foundation will trace 100 years of the history of the movie theater through period photographs. Alongside the master of fashion and film photography, the work of artists such as Ruth Harriet Louise, Eve Arnold, […]


Passionate about urbex, the practice of visiting abandoned urban places, Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have devoted 15 years of their lives to traveling the United States in search of movie theaters. In the course of their wanderings, the photographic duo visited hundreds of sleeping theaters, sumptuous buildings with triumphant sets, like so many vestiges […]

The intimate photographs of the artist Iringó Demeter

As soon as she obtained her bachelor’s degree in art photography, Iringó Demeter left her native Transylvania for the city of London with the objective of conquering new horizons and exploring the human body in all its forms. Lulled since childhood by “calm and nature,” Iringó continually seeks to transcribe this calmness in most of […]

Barbara Kruger, the evils in the image

The American conceptual artist, known for her textual photomontages, continues to brilliantly question social stereotypes, the diktats of beauty, and the consumerism of society. Years pass, eras mark history, and Barbara Kruger’s work remains relevant today. If the critical charge of this postmodern feminist artist has influenced the art of the end of the 20th […]

Miami Vibes

New York-based photographer Tommy Kwak celebrates the picturesque beauty of Lifeguard Towers in Miami Beach, Florida. Lifeguard towers are among Florida’s most popular architecture after the iconic Art Deco buildings on the streets of SoBe (South Beach). What these designs have in common is that they were born out of two hurricanes that hit this […]


Naked bodies or dressed in colors, dancing bodies or merging with objects, full-length images or details of materials, presenting proud attitudes in a softly strange world: this is what the work of the photographer Julia Buruleva has in store. Russian by birth and Barcelonan by adoption, the photographer works with bodies, her own and those […]

Dillon Marsh: For What It’s Worth

Cape Town-based photographer Dillon Marsh is known for his committed work that highlights the impact of man on his environment. Dillon has travelled across South Africa to photograph the impact of mining activities on nature. Mixing pure photography with computer-generated elements, the “For What It’s Worth” series shines a spotlight on the raw and unsightly […]

<strong>Patty Carroll: Portraits of Domestic Life</strong>

Patty Carroll’s first solo exhibition at Gallery XII in Los Angeles. Bright colors and pastels of a modern soap opera – white, pink, orange, yellow – or black bodies of decomposed models, faces disappearing under accumulations of objects, flowers or good-natured decoration; the subjects of the photographs are presented in domestic environments that deny them […]

Elizaveta Porodina : Dreaming in color

An internationally renowned fashion photographer, Elizaveta Porodina is particularly dazzling in her mastery of photography. Neon colors, silhouettes drawn as if with the tip of a pencil, reflections, brilliance or transparencies creating a unique pictorial impression… her universe is thus described as dreamlike and surreal. Indeed, her work is sometimes reminiscent of Man Ray’s photographs, […]