Maybourne riviera, balanced on the French riviera and Monaco

Facebook-f Spotify Pinterest Soundcloud THE MAYBOURNE RIVIERA, BALANCED ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA AND MONACO pophams 2 4 3 5 Sixty-nine rooms, four restaurants, two pools and a spa… It’s an understatement to say that the Maybourne group has seen things through for this new address, with a breath-taking view of the Mediterranean, which will gradually […]

Dry January : three venues not to be missed

Facebook-f Spotify Pinterest Soundcloud dry january : three venues not to be missed Bonanza Coffee Heroes (2) Bonanza Coffee Heroes Café Nuances Café Nuances pophams (2) pophams For a few years now, Dry January, from the United Kingdom, has spread, thanks to social networks. If you are followers of this month without alcohol after the […]

In the kitchen with fashion designer Manish Arora

Facebook-f Spotify Pinterest Soundcloud IN THE KITCHEN WITH FASHION DESIGNER MANISH ARORA 1 2 5 3 4 6 It was during the pandemic that the famous Indian designer Manish Arora went back to the festive dishes of his childhood and his gustatory memories of travel. From this culinary introspection came a colourful and flavourful book: […]


Facebook-f Spotify Pinterest Soundcloud CHEF THOMAS COUPEAU INVESTS THE GRAND QUARTIER 1 2 6 3 4 5 After Le Grand Vacarme of the chef Sarah Mainguy, it is the chef Thomas Coupeau who settles this winter in the Grand Quartier. At Quartier, he unveils some of his signature dishes, totally regressive, to be enjoyed throughout […]


AN AIR OF ARGENTINA BLOWS OVER LONDON Facebook-f Spotify Pinterest Soundcloud SUCRE : AN AIR OF ARGENTINA BLOWS OVER LONDON 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 Following the success of the first Sucre, opened in Buenos Aires in 2001, chef Fernando Trocca opened a second restaurant this summer in the heart of London, in […]

Clubhouse, the new application disrupting the world of social media

The latest social network, Clubhouse, is generating a worldwide craze that is now spreading to France. Beyond its exponential growth and the possible new trend, will this new medium manage to define a new way of communicating in the universe of digital interactions, and restore more authentic exchanges far from the hateful comments that abound […]