La série révolution sur Netflix

What if the real cause of the French Revolution wasn’t the one you were taught? This is what you will discover by watching the new series produced by Netflix: The Revolution.

MY SIZE ID, custom fitting 2.0


You love online shopping but hate having to guess what size you have to buy based on the brands? Then the My Size ID application is for you!

Angell Bike, “the smart e-bike” city changer


Imagined by Marc Simoncini (Meetic, Heroïn …) and Jules Trecco, designed by Oraï-to, manufactured by SEB in Côte-d’Or, Angell reinvents the concept of the electric bicycle. Thanks to its technology, this “smart bike” can be adapted to the personalized use of each rider.

Best movies to watch during quarantine

Meilleurs films à revoir  Black Swan

One and only watchword: Entertainment. We will not be bored, we will cultivate ourselves, and we will hasten to see the best movies that have captivated the history of cinema during quarantine. Galerie Joseph offers rental spaces in the Haut Marais for showrooms, art, design and fashion exhibitions. Art is at the center of attention […]

The best online courses during quarantine

How to occupy all of our days by educating ourselves during this confinement which seems so long to us?  Galerie Joseph does not just offer rental spaces in the Haut Marais for events, showrooms, or pop-ups. Today, he offers the best online courses during quarantine, and this for free for some. Indeed, several platforms allow […]

The Marais’ best vintage shops for fashion and furniture

galerie joseph best vintage shops marais paris rent venue

Vintage fashion has been in style for more than a few seasons, now — especially in the Parisian sphere. Whether it be clothes or furniture, styles that were the talk of the town a few decades ago continue to fill up the most glamorous wardrobes and interiors. Those who are passionate about fashion culture appreciate […]

The most charming hidden gardens of the Marais

hidden gardens marais paris galerie joseph showroom rent

Do you ever get sick and tired of the city’s constant agitation ? Are you in need for some peace, some tranquil scenery ? The Paris lifestyle isn’t always a walk in the park. As such, one might sometimes feel the irrepressible need to revitalize themselves with the help of a little greenery. Thankfully, peaceful […]

The Marais’ top 5 vegetarian restaurants

vegetarian restaurant vegan paris marais galerie joseph

Paris is nicknamed the city of Lights for a reason. It is home to boundless creativity and innovations, especially when it comes to food. The Marais neighborhood is the living proof. Ever the trendsetter and quite busy, this district is where many restaurants have chosen to practice their craft. This entails making good food available […]