Architectural fictions Playing with the confusion of content and form, support and painting, like Daniel Buren, whose student he was, Krijn de Koning (born in 1963 in Amsterdam) transforms public space into pictorial space. Sometimes drowned under swathes of bright colors, transformed into colored surfaces, sometimes colonized by modular structures – Farbenstrukturen (colored structures) -, […]

Photo: Le Corbusier’s work revisited

A tutelary figure of architecture who no longer needs to be introduced, Le Corbusier saw his work immortalized in his time by the medium of photography. Even today, photographs from the time of the construction of some of these buildings are used to illustrate his achievements. The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich proposes to change our […]

Ettore Sottsas Casa Lana moves to the Triennale

After dedicating a monograph to him in 2017, the Triennale is once again paying tribute to Sottsass by reproducing one of his creations, the Casa Luna. This private residence, designed in the 1960s by the great Italian master, can now be visited by all. The heart of this cozy place is delimited by several sofas […]

Aleksandra Shevchenko : TO BE FREE, SIMPLY…

Ukrainian architecture and interior design studio, Aleksandra Shevchenko is known for her brutalist minimalism. Each of her projects seduces with its clean lines and natural materials. Very attached to concrete, the young woman strives to restore the soul of this mineral material in organic designs. Like this “Freedom” project, which aims to break with the […]

Minismalise and terrazzo, the winning equation of the Tin Tin restaurant 

Recently opened in the bustling Chandigarh, in northern India, this new Toy Hotel venue, designed by Renesa architecture studio, offers an intimate space. Punctuated by elegant arches, created with terrazzo in shades ranging from jade to brown to veined white, the Tin Tin evokes a cave of another kind. Incredible stone was worked and laid […]

A winter cocoon in the metaverse

The designer Andrés Reisinger creates his virtual house in collaboration with the architect Alba de la Fuente Dreamlike, soothing colors, transparency are the key words of the “Winter house” project: a concept specially designed for the metaverse. The two artists wanted to build a haven of peace and tranquility by making the house emerge in […]

Agostino Iacurci, the muralist who revisits the history of art

An Italian artist based in Berlin, Agostino Iacurci is known for his monumental frescos. He creates works for private or public institutions from Taipei to London, and even Las Vegas, but it would be a shame to miss his achievements on a more human scale, where he questions the perception of art, like “Gypsoteca,” an […]

Japandi : Wedding at the antipodes

The word is at the top of all the style charts. But what is the Japandi that everyone is talking about? Marketing stunt or real creative find, zoom on a trend that mixes genres.