The Marais’ top 5 vegetarian restaurants

vegetarian restaurant vegan paris marais galerie joseph

Paris is nicknamed the city of Lights for a reason. It is home to boundless creativity and innovations, especially when it comes to food. The Marais neighborhood is the living proof. Ever the trendsetter and quite busy, this district is where many restaurants have chosen to practice their craft. This entails making good food available […]

The upcoming 2020 exhibitions at Chapon venues

Since early 2020, Galerie Joseph owns 3 exhibition venues on the street of Chapon. Said street, located in the heart of the Parisian Marais, stands out with its ideal geographical situation : it indeed benefits from excellent visibility, as well as the cultural and artistic life of the Marais. This year, the street of Chapon […]

Paris Kid Week at Galerie Joseph

rent showroom paris kid week

Since 2015, the Paris Kid Week dresses the little ones in the most wonderful attires. On this beginning of the year, the biggest Parisian kids’ fashion event has settled in Galerie Joseph, in the heart of the Marais. In this center of trends, not too long after the Paris Fashion Week, that brands have revealed […]

New exhibition : “Érosion anthropique”, Éric Bourguignon

From January 31fst to February 21st, the works of French painter Éric Bourguignon will be adorning the walls of gallery Guido Romero Pierini Michael Timsit, located 21 rue Chapon. In prevision of the « Érosion anthropique » new exhibition and a private showing, which will take place on January 30th, the colorist with a style both oneiric […]

Our 2020 Paris Fashion Week locations

2020 Paris fashion week showroom

The 2020 Paris Fashion Week is ending ! Since January 16th, the Galerie Joseph galleries for rent have welcomed many fashion house in their Fashion Week showrooms, in the heart of the Marais. The brands were able to exhibit their fall-winter collections in our unique galleries.

The Paris Fashion Week comes to Galerie Joseph

paris fashion week loft tournelles galerie joseph for rent

It’s a tradition : Paris lights up during the Paris Fashion Week, the major event of the season. The time has come for the greatest fashion houses to show off the contents of their 2020 fall-winter collections. From the 16th to the 23rd of January, Galerie Joseph’s spaces available for rent will host a wide array of brands, […]

Galerie Joseph’s Fashion Week showrooms

fashion week uk showrooms Paris marais

The Paris Fashion Week continues at Galerie Joseph ! Indeed, the moment has come for the greatest houses to reveal their 2020 fall-winter collections. From January the 16th to the 23rd,  Galerie Joseph’s spaces available for rent will host many brands in their Fashion Week showrooms, in the heart of the Marais.