LensCulture Awards 2019 – Photo exhibition in one of the showrooms for rent in Paris

LensCulture Awards 2019 – Photo exhibition in one of the showrooms for rent in Paris For the past two years, LensCulture has been organizing a photography contest with the aim of recognizing and rewarding visionary artists using innovative photographic processes. The winners of the 2019 edition, will have the opportunity to exhibit their works from […]

“Sphères” art exhibition at 116 rue de Turenne in Paris

Galerie Joseph welcomes the gallery owner Guido Romero Pierini for an art exhibition in Paris bringing together the paintings of Lou Ros and the pictorial work of Pascal Vilcollet, entitled “Spheres”. Thus, You have till November 7 to run to 116 rue de Turenne and to discover, in the atypical space of Galerie Joseph, the […]

Photo exhibition in the Marais – “Unsung Heroes”

From the 9th of October in Paris, Galerie Joseph is hosting the photo exhibition in the Marais “Unsung Heroes”. Until November 4th, discover the photographic project of Médecins du Monde and Denis Rouvre, in the atypical space of Galerie Joseph, at 7 rue Froissart. This exhibition breaks the silence around violence against women, opposing the […]

Atypical Showroom Marais I 66 rue Charlot

In the heart of the Marais, the center of Parisian art, Galerie Joseph offers its atypical showrooms for rent. Our spaces allow you to benefit from their exceptional location, but also from an inimitable vintage-modern style. As evidenced by the atypical showroom of 66 rue Charlot, where 120 m² place you in the center of […]

Paintings from the movie “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” at Galerie Joseph

Galerie Joseph, the specialist in the rental of art galleries in Paris, hosted from September 20 to 22 the exhibition of works by Hélène Delmaire for the film “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”. This Céline Sciamma film tells the story of love between a painter trying to draw a portrait of his model. Thus, […]

The Roger Anger | Le Corbusier Architectures – Photo exhibition

Galerie Joseph, the specialist in the rental of atypical spaces in the Marais, hosted the photo exhibition by Philippe Vigoureux. This exhibition took place from 22 to 22 September, around the works of Roger Anger and Le Corbusier. These two renowned architects designed buildings in different countries of the world.

“Atlas of Humanity” – The photo exhibition in the Minimes art gallery in Paris

“Culture should be regarded as the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group, and that it encompasses, in addition to art and literature, lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs” – this is how UNESCO’s définies culture in its universal declaration on cultural diversity. […]

Organize a successful pop-up store in Paris with Galerie Joseph

Galleries in rent in Paris

More than a trend, the pop-up store is an ephemeral shop that allows any creator to have his own sale point for a specific period. However, succeeding your pop-up store in a big city like Paris, requires a lot of work and involvement. Here are 4 tips to follow in order to make your pop-up […]

Galerie Saint Martin, an atypical space for rent in Paris

Paris regularly hosts a multitude of fashion and art events. The City of Lights is a landmark of creators and artists from around the world. Galerie Joseph offers its customers atypical space for rent in different chic and historic districts of the capital.