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Under his lens, the city becomes a supernatural environment. Since his arrival in California in 2010, Australian-born George Byrne has built up a portfolio that transforms architectural structures and urban landscapes into painterly abstractions.


In their wanderings, they capture fragments of the Californian setting in a set of geometric lines between concrete, sky and palm trees. All sublimated by a palette of sunny pastel colours, inviting shifting, fragmented shadows. Following on from Post Truth, he is now releasing Surréalité, revealing in 68 images, taken with a Mamiya and a Pentax, all the beauty to be found in urban banality, between dream and reality. 

I’ve always been interested in urban photography, but it was in Los Angeles, when I started shooting in colour and experimenting with manipulation and assemblage, that I felt I was capable of doing something very expressive or original with it,” he explains. Through this book, he presents several of his series, showing the phases and gradual evolution of his work between raw images and abstract photo collages. In February 2024, his new Synthetica series will be exhibited in his native Sydney. Here again, the brother of Hollywood actress Rose Byrne is set to continue his peregrinations, multiplying dreamlikeand minimalist perspectives.

Nathalie Dassa

Surréalité par George Byrne

Éditions du Chêne


Crédits photo © George Byrne

États-Unis – Los Angeles