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Galerie Joseph: Your Destination for Atypical Places to Rent in Paris

atypical location Paris

In the Parisian landscape, rich in history and culture, Galerie Joseph stands out as a prime destination for atypical rentals in Paris. Nestled in the heart of the famous Marais district, this collection of unique spaces offers a perfect combination of elegance, character and functionality, meeting the needs of the most diverse events.

A Mosaic of Spaces

Galerie Joseph is not a single location, but a series of spaces spread across the Marais, each with its own charm and character. This diversity allows event organizers to choose a setting that perfectly matches the desired ambience.

5 rue Saint-Merri 75004

This former Pierre Cardin Museum offers 1,200 sq. m. on three levels, under a spectacular 15-metre glass roof. Perfect for showrooms or art exhibitions, it benefits from abundant light and double exposure.

116 rue de Turenne 75003

A renovated 850 m² former industrial workshop, with a 12m glass roof, combines modernity and classicism. Ideal for cocktails, product launches, and seating for up to 700 people.

84 rue de Turenne

This 226 m² gallery, with its large window overlooking the street, is ideal for exhibitions, showrooms and pop-up stores, benefiting from excellent visibility in the Marais district.

21 rue Chapon 75003

A 130 m² space on two levels in the heart of the Haut Marais, perfect for pop-up stores, showrooms or exhibitions, in a trendy and dynamic district.

Flexibility and state-of-the-art equipment

Each Galerie Joseph space is equipped to meet the technical demands of contemporary events, offering a combination of style and functionality essential for organizers looking for a venue that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Le Marais: An emblematic district

Galerie Joseph’s decision to set up shop in the Marais is no small one. Cobblestone streets, designer boutiques, trendy restaurants and art galleries make the Marais a dynamic and inspiring place, perfect for events that seek to combine prestige and originality.

A Place for Every Occasion

Versatility is at the heart of Galerie Joseph’s offering. Whether you’re looking for an intimate space for a small group or a space to accommodate hundreds of people. Each space is designed to be modular, allowing complete customization according to the specific needs of each event.

Spaces steeped in history

At 116 rue de Turenne, a former industrial workshop transformed into a modern gallery offers a vast, modular space. Period stonework and woodwork contrast with modern elements, creating a setting that is both elegant and welcoming. This harmonious blend of old and new offers an ideal setting for a variety of events.

La Verrière: Brightness and Grandeur

The site at 5 rue Saint-Merri was formerly the Pierre Cardin Museum. It’s a dazzling example of the unique architecture offered by Galerie Joseph. Dominated by a spectacular glass roof, the space is bathed in natural light, creating an open, airy atmosphere. This feature makes the venue particularly suitable for art exhibitions, where light is essential to highlight the works.


When you choose an unusual venue for your next event in Paris, you’re opting for much more than just a room rental. You choose a place that exudes Parisian history, art and elegance. Each space is a blank canvas. It’s ready to be transformed to reflect your vision, guaranteeing a memorable event.