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Transforming a Rental Room in Paris: Decorating and Layout Tips

Paris, often considered the capital of fashion and art, hosts countless professional events in these fields every year. When it comes to organizing an art exhibition or fashion show, the decoration and layout of the room are of prime importance. Here’s how to transform a rental room in Paris to meet the requirements of fashion and art professionals.

1. Understanding the desired ambience

The first step towards success is to identify the desired ambience. For a contemporary art exhibition, directional lighting should be used to highlight the works. For a fashion show, an uncluttered atmosphere with well-placed spotlights is essential to highlight the creations.

2. Select suitable location

Choosing the right location is crucial. Criteria such as location, capacity and intrinsic charm are essential. Galerie Joseph, for example, offers a variety of spaces in the heart of Paris. Take the Galerie du Haut Marais, located at 7 Rue Froissart, known for its uncluttered space and large windows, ideal for collection launches or vernissages.

3. The magic of light

Lighting can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space. For an art gallery, it’s best to opt for adjustable lighting, which can be aimed at paintings or sculptures. For a fashion show, more dynamic lights that follow the models might be required.

4. The crucial role of furniture

Furniture isn’t just functional; it creates atmosphere. A focal point is an element that immediately attracts attention. It could be a majestic sofa in a lounge area or a stage for mannequins. Think too of high stools for an artistic cocktail party, or minimalist chairs for a design conference.

5. Nature’s contribution

Plant elements can bring life and freshness to a room. Whether it’s potted trees for a jungle atmosphere at a summer fashion show, or delicate flower bouquets for a photography exhibition, they add a touch of sparkle.

6. Small details make all the difference

Well-chosen accessories can reinforce the identity of your event. Imagine a geometrically patterned carpet for a modern art exhibition, or ornate mirrors for a haute couture show. The possibilities are endless.

7. The importance of acoustics

Acoustics play a vital role, especially if the event involves music or speeches. Good acoustics will immerse your guests in the experience, whether they’re enjoying background music or following a debate.

8. Collaborate with experts

Professionals, whether decorators, event planners or sound engineers, can provide invaluable expertise. They’ll help you avoid missteps and realize your vision. To find them, think about professional networks, specialized freelance platforms or even recommendations from the venue you’re renting. Many showrooms, such as Galerie Joseph, may have an address book of trusted experts with whom they have already collaborated.


Transforming a rental venue in Paris for a demanding fashion and art audience is an exciting challenge. By paying attention to detail and collaborating with experts, you can create a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.