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New collection from the Khaite brand: Modern allure seeks aesthetic silhouettes

A brand founded in 2016 by Catherine Holstein, Khaite has found its place in a segment that didn’t offer women’s sportswear, while imagining elegant, structured and sensual pieces. The designer enjoys striking a perfect balance between masculine and feminine, past and future, strength and softness, structure and fluidity. 

Thanks to timeless lines, her creations speak to all generations. With her bold cuts and attention to detail, the designer has turned her brand into a veritable phenomenon, seducing Caroline de Maigret and Lily Aldridge from the outset. 

Above all, Catherine Holstein reinvents classic American sportswear with a great deal of thought, bringing to life pieces that will make the women who wear them strong and powerful. 

But behind Khaite, there’s also a desire to give back to women the power and strength that society tends to diminish. The American brand wants to give women the confidence they need to take their place in the still patriarchal hierarchy. 

For her latest collection, presented in New York on September 9, Catherine Holstein imagined a collection where minimalism and sobriety could be the watchwords. The structure is neither too tight nor too flowing. A way of proving that the new queen of style has found her place in the fashion world. 

A modern approach to monochrome for a poetic, assertive wardrobe where silhouettes are sometimes tight-fitting, sometimes flowing, and where tailoring becomes a game.

Crédits photos : © Khaite © Hanna Tveite

Thomas Durin