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In the constantly evolving make-up industry, it’s important to push back the boundaries of creativity and captivate the world. Among the emerging talents who have succeeded in carving out a place for themselves in this demanding world, Aya Fujita stands out with her colourful, assertive universe. This young Japanese make-up artist has quickly become a fixture on the beauty scene, thanks to her talent and unique vision.

Aya Fujita grew up with an early passion for art. Her artist parents instiled in her the love of creativity, but it was when she discovered the world of make-up as a teenager that she found her true calling. Fascinated by the idea of transforming a face to let her imagination express itself, this talent began studying professional make-up.

After graduating, she began developing her definition of beauty in Tokyo, where her talent quickly attracted attention. Her unique style and ability to play with colours and textures have made her a sought-after artist.

Aya Fujita’s make-up is influenced by Japanese culture. She draws on elements from Japan’s artistic tradition, such as kabuki and geisha make-up, which she modernises and infuses  into a fashion universe, creating striking stories with contrasts. 

She also encourages people to explore their own beauty as a form of self-expression and a way to feel more confident and powerful. Aya Fujita regularly shares her work on social media, through which she inspires thousands of people while evoking diversity and inclusivity. 

With her determination to push the boundaries of creativity and celebrate beauty in all its forms, Aya Fujita has had the opportunity to do make-up for celebrities ranging from Clara Luciani to Carla Bruni to Lou Doillon. 

A talented make-up artist who celebrates life and colour through her art.

Thomas Durin