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Who hasn’t dreamed of opening their own showroom in the heart of Paris, organising an exhibition in a magnificent gallery, or shooting in an atypical location? 

It was certainly in response to this type of question that Michael Timsit had the good idea of founding the Galerie Joseph group in 2008. The Haut Marais was to become his favourite playground, a district he knows well and is particularly fond of. Abandoned industrial workshops, museums, Napoleon III buildings and early 20th-century chapels were all reborn under the founder’s exacting eye. 

A great lover of art, design and architecture, Michael Timsit acquires his properties like a true collector. Attracted by Fashion Week and other major Parisian events such as Paris Design Week and ImageNation, of which Galerie Joseph has been a partner for a number of years. These exceptional spaces revive their tenants for a weekend, a week or even several months. Each space has its own identity, creating a bridge between the past and the future.

In fact, each of the 20 galleries contains a vestige of the past – stone walls, original staircases, exposed beams – that coexists with more recent materials and creations, such as waxed concrete floors, large bay windows, modern lighting and the designer pieces that adorn each of them.

Unique places for unique stories, Michael Timsit is just one of the people who have enriched this extraordinary area, combining art, fashion, design and architecture. 



© Gregory Boussac

Galerie Joseph

Réservation d’un espace :
116, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris

Mélissa Burckel