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Greece – Heraklion

Casa Cook Chania,” the third opus of the Casa Cook resort brand, continues the brand’s image. 

On the menu for this new hotel episode? An ambience of relaxed luxury combined with texturally rich comfort, established by the art direction of Berlin-based interior design studio Lambs and Lions. Their refined creative approach was adapted to the hills of the Cretan coast, and developed in collaboration with Greek architects k-studio and interior stylist Annabell Kutucu.

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© Georg Roske

The aim was twofold: to use modernist-inspired architecture to provide plenty of space on a sloping site; and to create a “village” configuration for the complex by emphasising outdoor space.

The rooms, in smooth concrete and wood, are balanced and supported by floating walls of local stone. Thought of as cool, sensory retreats, the rooms are carefully positioned to create dual-aspect interiors, which extend onto terraces with private pools, but also with unique views of the sea and lush gardens.


L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est K-Studio_LambsLions_CasaCookChania_015_GeorgRoske-1024x683.jpg.
© Georg Roske

The path to the beach is a poetically choreographed interplay of light, shadow and texture. The landscaping is authentic and rooted with a semi-tropical influence. Smooth concrete boxes gradually separate and transform into rougher, more brutal structures that appear to have emerged from the sand. 

Their positioning creates large, welcoming outdoor spaces. Their organisation creates a “Piazza” shape, housing the hotel’s restaurant, bar, boutique and art house, alongside the pool and lounge. A “Kids Club” completes the ensemble. Further on, a yoga pavilion and wellness area take advantage of the greenest part of the site, offering open-air spa treatments and early morning yoga sessions. 

Lisa Agostini