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États-Unis – San Francisco

San Francisco-based architecture firm OPA has once again made a name for itself with the “Eyrie” project. Architects Zoë Prillinger and Luke Ogrydziak, who specialise in designs that impact perceptions and emotions, rethink the home office environment. Here, they create a physical and psychological space installed on the roof, for a panoramic, clear and detached view of this California City. “It’s a place to get some distance, a retreat from the city and home, a space dedicated to work and study,” the architects explain. “It cantilevers over a four-storey drop.

© Joe Fletcher / Aerie par OPA

The exposure is extreme, but the protection is finely tuned, favouring that rare atmosphere of observation and reflection.” The entire ceiling is lit by daylight, like a solar and celestial dome open to the sky. The diffusion and quality of the light thus change continuously. At the heart of the space, a large desk and deckchair lounge occupy the entire leading edge, with a lounge area and imposing library in the background. The direct visual connection with the expansive view reinforces this sensation of immersion in the air, as if suspended above the world.

Nathalie Dassa