How to get your works into the art gallery?

Reputable galleries and art dealers often receive an overwhelming amount of commissions from artists they wish to represent and promote. To make an art gallery want to work with you, and bring in your works, you will have to stand out. We give you some tips to follow to the letter. Start an art gallery […]



UNITED STATES – SAN FRANCISCO San Francisco-based architecture firm OPA has once again made a name for itself with the “Eyrie” project. Architects Zoë Prillinger and Luke Ogrydziak, who specialise in designs that impact perceptions and emotions, rethink the home office environment. Here, they create a physical and psychological space installed on the roof, for […]

Organize a digital exhibition in an art gallery in Paris

With the democratization of NFTs taking more and more space in the art world, digital exhibitions in art galleries in Paris are more and more numerous. We will try to understand the impact and influence of digital art and artificial intelligence within its own field. The future of digital works in art galleries The Web3 […]