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Renting space for Paris Fashion Week: What you need to know

space for rent Galerie Joseph, Paris

Paris Fashion Week is a global event that attracts the attention of the fashion industry. It’s an opportunity for brands to stand out from the crowd. The choice of location can make a significant difference. Here’s a practical guide to understanding how to choose the best space for your fashion event.

1. Location: the crucial criterion

The city of Paris is rich in iconic landmarks. However, during Fashion Week, some neighborhoods are more coveted than others. The Marais, with its picturesque streets and chic boutiques, is an example of a neighborhood that comes alive during fashion week. Similarly, the Madeleine and Faubourg Saint-Honoré areas are renowned for their concentration of couture houses and luxury boutiques. By choosing a venue in these neighborhoods, your event will benefit from maximum visibility and be easily accessible to your guests.

2. Atmosphere: reflecting your brand

Each brand has its own identity and history. The location of your event must reflect this identity. For example, an avant-garde brand might opt for a raw industrial space, such as the Carreau du Temple. A minimalist brand might prefer the simplicity of a streamlined art gallery, like Galerie Perrotin. For a traditional fashion house, a mansion with refined decor could be the ideal choice. In Paris, you’ll find a multitude of atypical venues ready to enhance your brand’s identity.

3. Space: the question of capacity

The capacity of a venue is another determining factor in your choice. You need to take into account the number of guests expected, the type of show (ambulatory, static…) and the ancillary spaces required (backstage, catering, press…). For example, a showroom may be suitable for a small, intimate presentation, while a large hall, such as the Palais de Tokyo, would be more appropriate for a large fashion show. It’s essential that the venue you choose offers optimum comfort for your guests, while meeting your logistical needs.

4. Services: making organization easier

Finally, find out what services are included in the rental. Some venues offer audiovisual equipment, furniture, security services or even organizational assistance. For example, Espace Montaigne, located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, offers a concierge service to help you organize your event. These services can make your job easier, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important: presenting your fashion collection in the most attractive way possible.


Renting a space for Paris Fashion Week requires careful thought. The venue you choose will have a direct impact on the success of your event. By taking into account location, atmosphere, capacity and services offered, you’ll be able to find the right place for your brand. Get ready to shine in the spotlight of the fashion capital. Happy Fashion Week!