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France – Paris

From July 11, discover the Marilyn Monroe myth in a new light.

Galerie Joseph presents “The Monroe Experience”, a playful journey through photographs by Milton Greene, a graphic novel, a VR creation and a play.

An immersive narrative created by Stéphanie Sphyras and Benoit Nguyen Tat in collaboration with Sylvie Lardet, Anseau Delassalle and Ikse Maître, let yourself be transported and discover the woman behind the icon. 

The four-part experience begins with an installation of photographs, exclusive interviews and digital devices designed to interact with the world of the Monroe myth.

© Photographed by Milton H. Greene / 2023 Joshua Greene

A second space will offer a VR experience for a true immersion in the life and memories of the icon presented from a new angle.

You will also be able to discover the graphic novel “Marilyn Monroe, confession inachevée” (Robert Laffont Editions), inspired by the novel written by the actress at the age of 28, with her accomplice and co-author Ben Hecht, in which she delves into her childhood and teenage memories, but also her reflections on the world of cinema and her profession as an actress, on love and sexuality, revealing that fragile duality between melancholy and glitter.

© Photographed by Milton H. Greene / 2023 Joshua Greene

Finally, a play based on the icon’s only autobiographical text, Marilyn Monroe, unfinished confession, reveals a nuanced portrait of an artist torn between her intellectual curiosity and the image producers wanted her to have. 

A portrait of an icon who still shakes up and questions our vision of the world.

© Sylvie Lardet

Mélissa Burckel

The Monroe Experience
July 11th – September 1st, 2023 

Prolongations until January 14 at La Galerie Joseph.
16 rue des Minimes 75003 Paris
11 A.M. to 7 P.M. 
Full Price: 15 € Reduced Price: 12 € VR: 7 €