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Mexico, on a desert site in Baja California Sur, a magical place, where a new site for the Mexican Open is located. A space dedicated to sport during the season and a private sports club the rest of the year, the Cabo Sports Complex building had to blend in with the landscape without distorting it.

The project “showed a world where it was possible to create architecture that, instead of making noise, sought to remain silent in its context, resting in the midst of the extraordinary spectacle offered by nature. The project seeks to respect the surrounding natural environment as much as possible, so the main objective of this architecture was to remain silent in the face of the beauty of the place where it is located.”

To achieve this, the use of local materials with low environmental impact was essential to the project. Thus, the site was built with a series of compacted earth walls, as well as frameworks designed with local wood. The result? An open space for free recreation, flexible to the requirements of different users, where you can admire the endemic vegetation and the beauty of the landscapes that enchant this place every day.

This approach perfectly sums up the approach of architect Hector Barroso, who seeks to generate new architectural proposals that can blend into their environment, taking advantage of the natural resources of each location, exploiting the influence of light and shade, the surrounding vegetation, the composition of the terrain, but also geographical accidents.

Lisa Agostini