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Mexico – Tulum

Adrian and Andrea, a young Canadian couple straight from Ottawa, are the creators of this little paradise of a different kind. Overwhelmed by their visit to Cenote Suytun, an incredible underground cave beloved by the Mayans, they decided to design a villa that would capture the natural and spatial beauty of the area. Designed by Espacio18 Arquitectura, the house was carefully conceived to blend into the existing landscape. In fact, it was the existing trees that influenced the outline of the house, while the views of the jungle allow for complete privacy for guests.

This Brutalist-inspired fortress is made from raw concrete, molded with wood, which gradually reveals itself as a sculpture. The materials were selected to harmonize with the immediate context, given the wet and rainy climate and the potential for hurricanes. 

To discover the atmosphere of the famous cenotes, one must enter the interior of the building, designed by Kayla Pongrac. Presented as an inhabitable sculpture, it is discovered through a concrete portal built around two trees, which leads to the entrance hall. This space is lit from above through a pool, offering a warm welcome with water and light effects on the walls.

A luxurious villa, where every single light fixture, brick, window, and piece of equipment was designed in Mexico, giving this unique place a distinctive atmosphere.

Villa Cava

Lisa Agostini