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Founded by Hugo Audoire and Emile Bonin, this new temple of good eating opened its doors in September 2022. Entirely designed by architect Marc Pelé, the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed, and warm. A sophisticated restaurant, with materials made of marble and wood, consisting only of bars that make it special, here, no tables, the conviviality is exercised in height.

© Balay Ludovic

Nicolas Ricouard, the chef, remains sensitive to seasonal and quality products on the plate. He is a fan of food fusion, a culinary style that combines several foreign techniques. He draws his inspiration from reading and travelling to create a real “clash of cuisines” in his dishes. 

We start our dinner with “Shimeji Tempura with Korean romesco sauce.” A technique based on the frying of mushrooms with a crunchy taste from the first bite. For the record, this technique was introduced to Japan by the Jesuits of Portugal 500 years ago! 

© Balay Ludovic

Then comes the “Stracciatella with zucchini, burnt onions, and small weights,” an Italian cream halfway between yogurt and fresh cream. Enhanced with a drizzle of olive oil, we enjoyed it with our eyes closed. 

© Balay Ludovic
© Balay Ludovic

In this multitude of dishes to share, we decided to continue our tasting with the “Storm fried chicken, tamarind, Lunu Dehi and curly salad” – a mixture of flavors both surprising and interesting. 

And for those who can’t choose, we opted for the “Chocolate, walnut, and Faroese waffle ganache,” which charmed our eyes (and our mouths). 

A restaurant with tasty and elaborate dishes to satisfy all palates!

5, cour des Petites-Écuries, Paris 10e