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Pop-up stores in Paris: Which sectors are the hottest?

Paris pop-up store Galerie Joseph


The pop-up store, a marketing strategy increasingly used by brands to create a unique, ephemeral experience, has seduced a variety of sectors. In Paris, as around the world, this trend has become ubiquitous, with every brand seeking to stand out and interact directly with its consumers. Let’s take a closer look at which sectors are most likely to adopt the pop-up store format.

Fashion and accessories

The undisputed leader in the use of pop-up stores, the fashion sector uses these temporary spaces to create a specific atmosphere and present new collections. For example, Bottega Veneta celebrated its 10th anniversary in Brazil with a pop-up store at The Square São Paulo, while Loro Piana opened a pop-up store dedicated to its new Summer Resort 2023 collection at Marina Bay Sands, from June 1 to 18, 2023. The jewelry and accessories sector follows the same trend, using the pop-up format to showcase specific product lines or special collaborations.

Food and drink

The food sector has also adopted the pop-up store concept, notably in Paris, transforming this trend into a genuine culinary experience. Brands such as Le Chocolat des Français and craft brewers like La Parisienne use these ephemeral spaces to offer tastings of their creations, creating direct interaction with their customers. These places often become tasting rooms, allowing visitors to discover new flavors.

The technology

The technology sector uses pop-up stores to showcase its latest innovations. Phone brand OnePlus, for example, has often used this format when launching new products. It has built up a reputation for being available only for a limited time in these physical outlets. These temporary spaces allow consumers to test new appliances and take part in workshops. But it also gives them the opportunity to obtain technical assistance. Smaller brands, such as French Tech startups, also use pop-up stores to raise their profile and showcase their innovative products.

Design and art

The world of art and design is not to be outdone. Art galleries use this format to organize temporary exhibitions and showcase new artists. For the public, these pop-up stores are an opportunity to discover new works in a different context. Design brands like Made in Meubles, for example, have opened pop-up stores to showcase their new furniture and interior design collections.

On another note, Loewe and Studio Ghibli have created a series of immersive installations in and around the Selfridges store in London to mark their recent collaboration. he installations were inspired by Studio Ghibli’s film “Howl’s Moving Castle”.


From fashion to technology, food to art, the pop-up store format has been adopted by many sectors in Paris. These ephemeral spaces offer brands a unique opportunity to stand out, test new ideas and create a memorable experience for consumers.