WHEN ART AND GASTRONOMY MERGE…  From a stuffed cardoncello designed by the chef, Flavio Lucarini (Le Bistrot Flaubert), the ceramist Valérie Delarue has created a glazed stoneware Vanity with a baroque profusion that is breathtakingly true in its rendering of plant and animal materials. Oyster mushrooms, preserved grapes, and coiled eel skins… the colorful earthy […]

Pop-up stores in Paris: Which sectors are the hottest?

Introduction The pop-up store, a marketing strategy increasingly used by brands to create a unique, ephemeral experience, has seduced a variety of sectors. In Paris, as around the world, this trend has become ubiquitous, with every brand seeking to stand out and interact directly with its consumers. Let’s take a closer look at which sectors […]