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The American studio Specht Architects designed a beautiful glass pavilion in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

The owners traded their historic 18th-century mansion for a minimalist, modern style to enjoy their retirement. However, they kept the antiques and artifacts they collected during their lives. Architect Scott Specht took on a daunting architectural challenge, merging two opposing aesthetics in the middle of a fallow farm field lined with tall, ancient trees.

© Dror Baldinger

The floating cantilevered roof provides protection from the sun and wind, limiting the need for air conditioning and heating. The 185m2 open interior has a living room, dining room and kitchen, with a bedroom at each end. 

© Dror Baldinger

The decor takes on a gallery-like feel for their collections. Paintings from the 19th century and forged kitchen utensils from the 16th and 17th centuries are displayed on the walls of the bathroom and the centuries-old pantry. Finishes include porcelain surfaces, European oak cabinets and quartz in the kitchen.

For lighting, LED fixtures, switches, outlets, and other appliances are concealed to emphasize sleekness. “We asked ourselves if we were up to the challenge of a new lifestyle, especially in retirement,” the owners explain. “We evolved and refined our goals (…) to embrace a new world of induction ovens, Google control lighting, and an app-controlled home.”

Sheffield – United States

Nathalie Dassa