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South Korea-based interior design firm WGNB has redesigned the space of Chicago fashion boutique SVRN.


The redesign pays homage to the family history of its owner, David “Oogie” Kim. The spatial design was reinterpreted from the oriental perspective, that is, focused on the surrounding relationship of the object. Visual tension is created by the ever-changing flow of customers circulating in the store’s hushed atmosphere. The 390m2 space features stainless steel, concrete, black-stained thermowood and natural rock, symbolizing durability, the passage of time, and brand identity. The space is divided into two sections: the sales area and the backroom, both connected by a narrow corridor.


The former is composed of monolithic installations, the latter is designed in brushed stainless steel with contrasting plaster and microcement paint. Curved benches serve as displays and seating, set on large rough stones. These elements invite customers to walk along winding routes of discovery. For WGNB, the brand also wants to “bring together” and connect the different philosophies of the collections between art and design. A desire to go beyond clothing lines, which are not only fashion and trend products, but also, above all, works of art.


Chicago – United States

Photo credits WGNB

Nathalie Dassa