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This therapeutic wellness center, located in Rajkot in the state of Gujarat, is a perfect blend of aesthetics, philosophy, and ecology. Its “Pause” logo invites clients to stop in time, listen to their bodies in synergy with nature, and recharge in an educational way. The architecture studio Shanmugam Associates takes a biophilic approach here, surrounded by Banyan and Pagoda fig trees, mango trees, farmland, winding paths…

Stepped green roof leads to the top of the reception block giving a view of the entire property
The swimming pool is partitaly shaded with a interesting roof
A stepped pool inspired by Gujarat stepped wells invites the visitor at Raga

The reception area greets visitors with this lush landscape extending to the roof, hidden by hanging vines, like a green curtain seeping into the entrance. Giant trees encompass the restaurant (with its Gujarati cuisine), the library, and the pool, while mango trees surround the yoga room, providing a space for reflection. The twenty residences are built around a community garden and a circumambulatory bridge that frame a sun-drenched moringa crop.

Garba, yoga or educational talks are all planned to be held in the OAT
Entry to the private cottages framed by Bougainvillea
A large courtyard offers as a congregation space around the 20 room of stay.

Local natural stones, solid teak furniture, and rattan are the interior design materials. The cottages also have their own private garden with pool, nestled behind green zen spaces. The treatment rooms are located at the back of the property, with a lobby and store wrapped by a Manila tamarind tree that acts as a canopy. The Raga Svara center of nearly 7,000m2 is thus an ode to biodiversity and serenity.

Circumabulatory bridge offering a view of the Moringa Fields
Sitting righ in between the Moringa cultivate is the Acommodation block
Treatment rooms have natural light coming in the from the openings given right below the roof to ensure privacy

Rajkot – India

Crédits photo © Vinay Panjwani     

Nathalie Dassa