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Celebrating nature through its restaurant and vineyard, this estate knows how to receive guests with art.

© Venissa Tenuta

Less than an hour by boat from the city of the Doges, once past Murano, it is the lagoon that finds its place on the island of Mazzorbo.

Connected to Burano by a bridge that few tourists cross, it is a haven of peace that hosts a Michelin-starred restaurant, both for its cuisine and its respect for the environment.

Cucina ambientale is how its chefs, Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto, define it: between vineyards and canals, it is a faithful reflection of carefully cultivated ancestral flavors, whose notes are combined to surprise the palate.

© Venissa Tenuta
© Venissa Tenuta
© Venissa Tenuta

In seven or ten dishes, in two menus that change each month to match the seasons, they explore the island’s biodiversity in greater depth. Seated in the cellar of the estate – decorated by Veronica De Martin, with flowers by Carolina Rubbini – or at the chef’s table with a glimpse of the kitchen, the gourmet will go from one surprise to another, delighting in home-grown vegetables and forgotten plants, spiced up with wild herbs, and accompanied by blue crab or mollusks that are usually neglected, but which are sublimated here. The wines are also locally produced and feature the dorona grape variety, grown on the estate.

The Bisol family, which owns the estate, has revived this variety, which almost disappeared after the devastating acqua alta of 1966, allowing the vineyard to produce around 3,000 bottles of Venissa blanco.

© Venissa Tenuta

To prolong the experience, there’s nothing like staying in one of the five rooms on the Mazzorbo estate, or at Casa Bruno on the nearby island of Burano. The Venissa philosophy tells a story that takes us back to the roots of Venice.


Fondamenta S. Caterina, 3

30142 Mazzorbo, Venice, Italy

Phone +39 041 52 72 281


Sophie Reyssat