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Head to Stockholm, the birthplace of Stora Skuggan, a perfume studio initiated by five creative minds with multidisciplinary talents.

© Stora Skuggan 
© Stora Skuggan 

Launched in 2015, the company has managed to establish and differentiate itself by reinventing perfume production and presentation, notably through its elegant glass bottles, which are characterized by their stone stopper, in the shape of an oversized sphere.

These aesthetic objects are portable works of art that reflect the diverse backgrounds of the members of the collective. All are deeply inspired by history, mysticism, pop culture, and beyond.

© Stora Skuggan 

Inspirations that are reflected in the aesthetics of each bottle, in addition to that solemn cap. For example, the bottle for the fragrance inspired by the legend of King Yuvanaswa, whose child is fed by the thumb of a god, features the fingerprint of the deity in question.

For the perfume Azalaï, it is the world of the caravanserai that is summoned.

© Stora Skuggan 

This fragrance tells the story of the Saharan region of Ténéré, where caravans travelled for almost 1,000 years. In this same region, a single acacia tree persisted, the only evidence of life in an ocean of sand. The Tuareg caravaneers held the tree and its incredible courage in high esteem. Breaking its branches for fire was considered blasphemy. Despite this, a truck driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel crashed into it in 1973 and killed it. His label reminds us of this fairy tale.  

Stora Skuggan

Stockholm – Sweden

Lisa Agostini