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The multidisciplinary studio Andrew Trotter, in Barcelona, will invite us to the heart of the Utah desert at the end of next year.

© Klaudia Adamiak
© Klaudia Adamiak
© Klaudia Adamiak

The Paréa Zion project is a landscaped hotel with avant-garde architecture near Zion National Park. It combines the intimacy of a private residence with the service of a boutique hotel for a wellness experience.

To achieve this, the design team created a series of individual units (bungalows, three-bedroom houses) that surround a spa-like bathhouse. Thanks to the interplay of hills, the buildings will be hidden and located quite far from each other, giving the feeling of privacy and belonging, while having the comfort of hospitality.

The studio has also commissioned digital artist Charlotte Taylor to create and personalize a house, marking her first real-world project. Reception, restaurant, and sunken pool will take advantage of the view, while the elevated spa will act as a cocoon and refuge. The whole will be covered with a rough lime plaster of the same rust color as the earth and rocks.

© Klaudia Adamiak
© Klaudia Adamiak
© Klaudia Adamiak
© Klaudia Adamiak

Utah – United States

Modernism is thus at its best, blending perfectly into the arid environment for a disconnection like no other.

Paréa Zion


Architectural and Interior Designer: Studio Andrew Trotter


Architect of Record: Method Studio


Special House Designer: Charlotte Taylor


Renders: Klaudia Adamiak


Nathalie Dassa