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The young Chinese design studio challenges traditional structures and shapes through its play of geometric elements, lines, colors, and original and decorative patterns. Zoom in on their Leaves Sofa.

© 8877 Interiors

8877 Interiors, based in Shanghai, wants to redefine aspects of the house and contemporary lifestyle through an artistic and humanist design.

Since its creation in 2019, each of its projects has been guided by this philosophy that interiors can have a significant and positive impact on everyday life. Its work seeks to balance the exquisite and the provocative, the whimsical and the classic, the austere and the colorful.

The studio thus advocates the facets of the Dolce Vita between art, fashion, graphic design, and architecture to design creative and thoughtful interiors that inspire, nourish and challenge the status quo.

© 8877 Interiors
© 8877 Interiors

Its furniture creations focus particularly on the construction of a relationship between the user, the object, and the space.

From its Symbolic Patterns linens to its Cloud and Puzzle cabinets, to its Waves lamp and Circle 0 chair, inspired by David Bowie’s legendary lightning make-up, fifteen products are already part of its catalogue, showcasing the essence of the brand.

Bear the imagination high

The Leaves Sofa is one of its key pieces that interests us here, playing on surreal techniques, such as distortion and deformation of everyday objects.

© 8877 Interiors

It is characterized by its bold, minimalist, and organic forms, with this motif extracted from nature, like leaves drawn in the place and upside down, where a sequence of horizontal, vertical, and mirror elements is added.

The bright and distinct colors mark this strong visual imprint. The static symmetry is repeated to form a dynamic and moving flow. Its structure, made from sustainable development, is constructed from waterproof and wear-resistant steel, with the velvet coating offering the feeling of a comfortable seat. 

© 8877 Interiors
© 8877 Interiors

“Routine and monotony will become more lively and energetic with his home presence,” says the design team. For 8877 Interiors, “The house is no longer limited to meeting the functional needs of people’s daily lives, but also to becoming a space that can carry the imagination high and embrace our inner child.”

 Nathalie Dassa