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© Cameron Burns/ CaptvArt and assouline moon paradise

The moon influences the world. For the Aztecs, the moon was a symbol of carnal love. In Greek mythology, the moon was first called Selene. For the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, this star is “Magnificent, magnificent. Splendid desolation.” 

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Assouline Editions invites us to enjoy a beautiful escape to the moon, with a selection of images that move us and leave us speechless. 

© Cameron Burns/ CaptvArt and assouline moon paradise

“Moon Paradise,” created by the English journalist and physicist, Sarah Cruddas, invites us to explore the moon in terms of its scientific and symbolic aspects.

© Evgeniy Baranov/NASA/Alamy Stock Photo and assouline_moon-paradise

The book plunges us into the 1960s, in the middle of the Cold War, at a time when the race to space and the stars was crucial. This frantic race inspired art, design, architecture, cinema, and high fashion with futuristic creations turned to science fiction: for example, Paco Rabanne, who was nicknamed the metallurgist of fashion.

© Courtesy of Balenciaga and assouline_moon-paradise

For centuries, the moon has evoked mystery and the unknown. But over the years, the human race has studied this sparkling satellite and has even managed to venture there. The mystery has become a discovery, which in turn has become a possibility. A glimmer of hope.

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Flora di Carlo

“Moon Paradise”

Editions Assouline

294 pages