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This major Ukrainian distributor of high-end brands has asked Balbek Bureau to design its first digital showroom. In the heart of Kiev, the space of nearly 76m² was created in 2022, during the war. One of the distinctive features of the space emanates from the vaulted passageways and undulating walls, with that metallic effect caused by the decorative plaster.

Balbek’s goal here is to offer a new luxury shopping experience that doesn’t involve rails or shelves. From the reception area, customers navigate the Symbol website to select their outfits via interactive fitting rooms, with sofas facing the screens. The nearby tables are equipped with Apple’s Magic Trackpad. The traditional shop windows are also replaced by miniature stands, equipped with shelves lit by street lamps. In the second hall, three classic fitting rooms house several armchairs, with mirrored doors that enlarge the space.

The ensemble is enhanced by custom-made furniture and light boxes on the walls and ceiling to evenly color and illuminate the booths, display cases, and reception areas. Through this showroom, the Balbek team has succeeded in maintaining and implementing a project in a period of war, where obstacles have been multiplying, thus offering a new vision to an experienced and demanding public.

Nathalie Dassa

Photo credits: Andrey Bezuglov and Maryan Beresh