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Paris – France

Softness, sensuality, and poetry emerge. Rounding off the angles of our interiors.

It’s been ten years since Coralie Beauchamp launched her collection of “fishnet” lighting fixtures, but the idea was already in the works when she was designing sets for luxury houses, while pursuing her personal research.

© Coralie Beauchamp

It took years of experimentation for the marriage of a fiberglass fabric and resin to give birth to the desired composite material, which had to meet constraints of thickness, flexibility, translucency, and resistance. She perfects this process, sharp and innovative, with each new piece inspired by her creative eye, curious about everything. A guiding principle emerges: the milky whiteness of her immaculate pieces – a challenge in itself – and the reassuring curves of her full forms, whose femininity is subtly enhanced by the effects of fishnet and zipper.

© Coralie Beauchamp

A couture wink inherited from the fashion world, for which she has long worked. With white, black, and gold, she has also chosen a timeless refinement. The demand for perfection is her watchword, as much for the shapes as for the materials – leather, gold, and palladium dress her pieces – and the finishes.

© Coralie Beauchamp

She makes a point of making everything by hand, to measure, including the buckles of the straps and the screws of the structures. Unique, each piece bears witness to this patient work, even in its possible imperfections, which give it an extra soul. Without abandoning lighting, for which she dreams of sculptural creations, she has begun to develop a range of small furniture. Her “Princely” pedestal table has entered the collections of the Mobilier National. Coralie Beauchamp promises us a chic interior, as welcoming as a cocoon: a coffee table, a small armchair, a net of light, and a good book – what more could you ask for? 

© Coralie Beauchamp

Sophie Reyssat