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Sunshine in winter 

“You have to tame citrus fruits, take the time to observe them, to taste them, to get used to new flavors, bitterness, acidity, astringency, vivacity, sweetness, and roundness, anaesthetizing notes that may remind you of certain peppers.”

© Claire Curt
© Claire Curt

These words quoted by the chef of Astrance, Pascal Barbot, show us all the diversity of citrus fruits and the incredible richness they offer us.

Anna Etorre, the author of this book, “Le grand livre des agrumes,” (The big book of citrus fruits), has understood this and offers us a real vitamin bible to learn everything about the world of these fruits of the sun in winter.

Passionate about gastronomy and curious about nature, Anna loves people above all. She is the author of many cookbooks, fulfilling a desire to share the passion that has always driven her: the greed and taste of others. For this book, the author has chosen to highlight this fruit of the sun in 3 acts: “Originally was the fruit”: The history and origin of a selection of 18 citrus fruits, for curious epicureans and all those who love to discover and learn. 

© Claire Curt
© Claire Curt

“Techniques”: A chapter that reveals how to transform and preserve citrus fruits, peel, raise the supremes or candy fruit, but also learn how to make multi-vitamin cocktails. 

“The Recipes”: A selection of 100 sweet and savory recipes made by the author in her kitchen, some of which come from great chefs such as Mauro Colagreco, William Ledeuil, Pierre Gagnaire, and Adeline Grattard. 

© Claire Curt
© Claire Curt

“Le grand livre des agrumes” offers us a colorful, vitamin-filled journey, magnified by 500 images taken by the artist photographer Claire Curt. A magnificent book to read and reread.

Le Grand Livre des Agrumes

Recipes from the book “Le Grand Livre des Agrumes” by Anne Etorre, published by Flammarion.

With the collaboration of Perrine and Étienne Schaller

Mélissa Burckel