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The Slovakian photographer explores the multiple possibilities of portraiture and architecture in pictures where conceptual art and surrealism impose themselves between colour and black and white.

© Michal Zahornacky

Michal Zahornacky places his work between reality and fiction. The eclecticism of his images invites us into highly imaginative visual narratives. Originally from Povazska Bystrica in Slovakia, this lifelong lover of photography has built his career as a self- taught artist, finding his own way by experimenting with the medium according to his desires and inspirations.

For the past ten years, his subjects have varied from one series to another, showing the extent of his ambitions and abilities. In his favourite themes, the thirty-year-old explores identity, bodies, architecture and underwater photography.

His portraits are always combined with a specific metaphor in a stylised environment. Because what he likes is to play with the audience’s expectations, letting them observe and wonder about what they are looking at.

© Michal Zahornacky
© Michal Zahornacky

Breaking stereotypes

His multifaceted work takes us to dreamlike places, lost in the misty moors (Emotions II). Or who plays with the movement of water, distorting silhouettes and faces to counter the diktats of society and show the beauty of imperfection (Curves). Or who reshapes architecture with geometric shapes and overlapping, repetitive patterns, alluding to the suffocating atmosphere of the pandemic (Close).

Most of his photographs avoid the manipulations of digital editing, proceeding with creative half-nuanced work between light and shadow in his studio. “I like natural light. I have large windows that allow me to use it as often as possible. Although sometimes I also use strobe lighting, but never outdoors.” His work, which has won him several awards and exhibitions around the world, remains an insatiable quest to show another form of beauty.

© Michal Zahornacky

Povazska Bystrica – Slovakia

Nathalie Dassa