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The Australian avant-garde designer based in the United Kingdom is inviting himself to the French capital for an exhibition at the Gagosian gallery until 18 March, at 9 rue de Castiglione in Paris, presenting a collection of limited-edition furniture.

© Gagosian © Marc Newson
Blue Glass Chair, 2017 © Gagosian © Marc Newson Photo Robert McKeever

Among the works presented, the curious will discover “Cloisonné White and Blue Lounge” and “Cloisonné White and Blue Chair,” two pieces that materialize Newson’s questions on the notion of form. Decorated with copper on their edges and blue and white “molecular” patterns, they required the use of the cloisonné technique, often used in the world of jewelry and goldsmithing, a world from which our designer comes.

Blue Glass Chair, 2017 © Gagosian © Marc Newson Photo Jaroslav Kvíz

To bring these two exceptional pieces of furniture to life, Newson called on craftsmen from Beijing. They outline the shape with copper wire and then integrate the enamel into the precisely designed patterns. Once this painstaking process is complete, the pieces are fired up to twelve times in large, custom-built kilns.

Another recent piece presented by Gagosian is the Extruded Ribbon Console, a work sculpted from a single piece of Azul Macaubas granite, a material with azure hues. The dynamic piece of furniture was conceived as a flat curvilinear form, drawn in three dimensions to define its extruded silhouette.

Cloisonné White and Blue Lounge, 2022 © Gagosian © Marc Newson Photo Paris Tavitian

“Design is about making things better and looking to the future, moving technology forward. For me, as a designer, it’s a great opportunity to advance what already exists, to simplify, embellish and improve technologically,” explains the artist. 

A journey into the future not to be missed.

Paris – France

Lisa Agostini