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Based in Paris, young fashion designer Steven Passaro was born in France with Portuguese heritage. At the age of 19, he joined an interior design course at the École supérieure des arts appliqués Duperré, where he developed a skill and a taste for construction.

Today, he draws inspiration from his travels between London and Paris. 

© Steven Passaro

While in Paris, Steven Passaro worked for Christian Dior as a visual merchandising designer for a year while learning sewing and pattern making.

In 2016, he joined the London College of Fashion where he graduated with a Masters in Fashion Design Technology. Three years later, his work was presented at the London Men’s Fashion Week as part of LCFMA19. The same year, the young designer moved to Paris where he founded his eponymous brand.

© Steven Passaro

His world is represented by elaborate models. From pleats to drapes, the look of the garment gives a fitted appearance.

With each season, Steven Passaro deepens his work around the concept of self-awareness, giving a new interpretation to the idea that the self is a set of folds that close and open, hide and reveal, while being in constant evolution.

Inspired and fascinated by the representation of the body in the East and the West, Steven Passaro explores and researches design techniques and elements that he combines to create a synthesized harmony through his obsession with tailoring.

In all his collections, the traditional suit is always at the forefront and is sublimated to be in perpetual motion.

© Steven Passaro

Concerned about respecting the environment, Steven Passaro pushes the limits of sustainable fashion by developing all of his creations through 3D digital prototyping in his Parisian workshop. He thus promotes the reduction of fabric waste linked to production. Thanks to this technique, the designer is able to create a single sample, which is sufficient to go straight into the production of the final garment.

The question of the time we take to embrace our true nature and reinforce our fragility is always at the center of his concerns. Through his creations, which combine delicacy, craftsmanship, sophistication, and simplicity, different souls can coexist, just like what happens in the psyche and within which it is possible to identify that heroic strength that comes, above all, from self-acceptance.

Paris – France

Thomas Durin