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The outdoors, travel, architecture.

Three disciplines that led Sofia and Miguel Charters to launch Pa.te.os, a hotel located on the south coast of Portugal, not far from the village of Melides, on an 80-hectare property, populated by cork oaks, pines, olive trees, arbutus, aromatic herbs, but also vines.

© Armando Jorge Mota Ribeiro
© Armando Jorge Mota Ribeiro

In addition to its incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, this ideal place to disconnect from the rush of everyday life offers a reinterpretation of local traditions.

Notably through the concept of the patio (as its name indicates), of Arabic influence, almost omnipresent in the architecture of southern Europe, but also by offering a new version of the “casa alentejana” typical of the Alentejo region.

A project made possible by the talent of architect Manuel Aires Mateus, whose contemporary language is recognizable in the clean edges that clothe the four buildings of the hotel, made of bare concrete, wood, and stone. 

© Armando Jorge Mota Ribeiro
© Armando Jorge Mota Ribeiro

“We want our guests to see, understand, and feel the truth in this project. With no hidden artifice, Pa.te.os reflects the authenticity of the materials without sacrificing comfort and function, with the aim of providing a true sensory experience,” explain the founders. 

“Created as works of art in the vastness of the land,” they specify, Pa.te.os also intends to integrate nature into the living space. The exterior extends into the interior, while maintaining comfort and privacy.

Designed with respect to the topography of the place, the four houses have a refined interior design, which highlights natural materials, such as wood, all in neutral and earthy tones, enhanced by Italian and Scandinavian design pieces.

© Armando Jorge Mota Ribeiro

Portuguese artist Olga Sanina was invited to design four works, one for each house representing the four seasons, made from foliage collected on the property. An ode to nature to be discovered without delay.

Melides – Portugal

Lisa Agostini