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Here, Snøhetta Studio is teaming up with interior design brand Vipp and entrepreneur Tom Bjarte Norland to develop an experience on the edge of the Lysefjord on the Norwegian west coast.

The Bolder project consists of four lodges designed to harmonize with nature and blur the boundaries between inside and outside. The cabins are raised above the ground on large concrete pillars and have glass facades so that guests can enjoy the surrounding landscape.

© Elisabeth Heier and Elin Engelsvoll

From inside, they feel as if they are floating in mid-air with the “breathtaking view of the fjord, the bonsai-like, pine-filled mountains, and the rocks left by glaciers thousands of years ago.”

Each has a built-in bed and bathroom on the ground floor, and a kitchen and dining area upstairs. Wood, marble, and leather are the materials of choice for the furniture, while the concrete floor brings “roughness to a sensitive décor.”

© Elisabeth Heier and Elin Engelsvoll

The asymmetrically placed roof creates the illusion that the structures slope towards the fjord, reinforcing the feeling of weightlessness. Apart from the electricity that supplies the light and amenities, the site is off-grid, thus completing this full and total disconnection.

The Stylten, Myra, and Stjerna cabins (38 m²) have been available since 1 February, the fourth, Eldhuset (60 m²), will open for bookings at Easter.

© Elisabeth Heier and Elin Engelsvoll


Nathalie Dassa