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This original house is located in Brisas Marqués, a residential area in one of the peninsulas that surround the traditional bay of Acapulco and Puerto Marqués in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. It was designed by the architectural firm of Gabriela Carrillo.

© Rafael Gamo

The Casa de Piedra is located on a 1,000-m2 granite deposit, and the primary objective was to preserve the spirit of the rock, consisting of two huge stones over 2 meters in diameter. For the design team, the complexity lay in the meeting between the nature of the stones, the trees and the existing topography. In this house, which has no front or back, they created open social spaces that lead to different terraces with varying views and sunlight. Only a few elements are closed, such as the kitchen and the TV room.

© Rafael Gamo

Colored concrete is also the only material used: a mixture of cement and sand that reflects the color of the local beaches. Everything has been designed for barefoot walking, with washed, non-slip floors with low-light reflection and low-heat absorption. In addition, the structure is self-sufficient with three systems employed: intelligent solar panels for the swimming pool, photovoltaics for electricity and water treatment. Casa de Piedra is a small marvel of a built environment, immersed in a setting of infinite horizons between pool, sea and jungle.

© Rafael Gamo

Mexico – Brisas del Marqués

Nathalie Dassa