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Anji is a city in the province of Zhejiang, famous for its bamboo. For some years now, China has been supporting local economic development of high ecological quality.

© Runzi Zhu

Hatch Architects, based in London, has created a tea house and two pavilions using traditional materials from the region. Formerly a storage room, this sophisticated new hospitality venue is designed in bamboo and wood, which blend harmoniously with the natural environment, while adding pleasure to the peaceful countryside.

© Runzi Zhu

The interior has been transformed into an earth-colored ‘cave,’ with countertops and stairs featuring a soft, smooth texture. But one of the highlights is the panoramic windows overlooking the tea garden. In good weather, they can be fully opened, allowing guests to enjoy the view, sometimes with a slight breeze.

© Runzi Zhu

To complete the project, the studio designed two observation platforms at the top of the mountain, which are also inspired by a local product, white tea. The roof of the first pavilion resembles a leaf and falls slightly into the tea field. The structure of the second pavilion looks like a floating cloud, offering shelter to growers and visitors. Through these attempts, Hatch Architects hopes to arouse the curiosity of tourists about the age-old traditional art of bamboo.

Anji – China

Nathalie Dassa