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How to rent a gallery in the Marais ?

Galerie Joseph in Saint-Merri

First of all, the Marais district is the area of Paris where you should organize an event. The latest fashionable brands and the most exclusive events such as Fashion Week take place there. A district that is both historic and trendy, popular with foodlovers, influencers, and wealthy clients alike. Also, Joseph’s galleries allow you to organize a customized event and rent a gallery that will fit your needs.

How to choose a gallery to organize your events

Joseph Galleries offers 20 spaces for your events. All galleries and spaces are available for private use all year round. For instance you can find wifi access, led spotlights, chairs, racks, kitchen tables. You just have to go to the Joseph Gallery website. The galleries can manage the entire set up of your events.

Art galleries to rent for your events in the Marais

Secondly the Joseph Galleries provide rooms for your events in the heart of the Marais. The spaces are ideal for any type of event: Design, Fashion, Art, Press days, Product launches, Pop-up stores. Galeries Joseph offers spaces from 30m2 to 1,200m2 available for rent all year round for the organization of your events in the Marais.
Thanks to their uncluttered look, Galeries Joseph can be adapted to all your events. They are ideal for product launches, fashion shows, or openings and ideal for your ephemeral boutiques. The art gallery is a unique and original place, with an artistic environment, ideal for your events. The place is flexible and can be arranged according to your wishes. Contact Joseph Galleries to rent a pop-up store, an art gallery or a space to organize one of your events. You can also make this space your showroom.
Indeed, the main objective of the showroom is to showcase your products, your new collection, and to generate sales and profits. The showroom is also an opportunity to work on your image, to establish a direct contact with the public but also with the press. Offer something innovative to the visitors, that will allow you to stand out. The Joseph Galleries put forward their spaces for a magical moment. Integrate also animations during your event for example interactive stands, in order to catch the visitor’s attention. Play on the scenography of the place, the lighting, the layout of your products, the decoration to develop a special relationship with your customers.

Galleries and cozy apartments

In conclusion the Joseph galleries are located in the heart of the Marais. It’s a district that is full of art galleries and showrooms. You can also rent for example a former industrial workshop in a Napoleon III. The building was built on 16th century foundations. The building has been refurbished with the help of a Japanese designer. All the Galeries Joseph offer a cozy space.

It’s perfect to host exhibitions and openings and events. The 3rd and 4th districts are not only quiet on some streets but also very dynamic on others. You will find a universe that is both bohemian and elegant. The atmosphere that reigns there will charm all your guests and clients. To satisfy all your needs, the Joseph galleries offer industrial and atypical spaces. You can rent contemporary lofts but also apartments and trendy showrooms. These event spaces are perfectly adapted to all budgets. To rent a space for your events, Joseph Galleries are in total adequacy with all your projects. Simply contact Joseph Galleries to book your new event space with ease.