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Fashion week : the Marais a fashion district

Galerie Joseph in la rue de Turenne

First of all the Marais is the place to be for fashion, where haute couture, young designers and luxury brands rub shoulders. The effervescence began in the early 2000s with the installation of brands like Zadig and Voltaire, Sandro or Maje. In the following years, the neighborhood was transformed. Furthermore It becomes the place where all the fashionistas come to shop during the Fashion Week. The Marais district became a new place for Parisian fashion, attracting a new wealthy clientele. The offer also goes up in range, and little by little, we see the installation of French and international labels. There are brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Givenchy, John Galliano or Gucci, etc. The big brands of the beauty sector such as Chanel also open their doors on rue des Francs-Bourgeois. 

A district at the heart of fashion 

The Marais is also a district turned towards the organization of events around fashion and art. Numerous showrooms organized during the Fashion Week in the Joseph galleries allow to present clothes and accessories in atypical and unusual places. The Joseph galleries are ideal to organize an event, a vernissage or a re-see during the Paris Fashion Week. The Marais attracts also all the actors of the fashion world as well as tourists and wealthy customers. Their luminous spaces are very popular during the fashion week by clients such as Louis Vuitton or Ami Paris.

The 3th and the 4th neighborhoods are ideal for renting a space

Today, the neighborhood is cosmopolitan and attracts tourists from all over the world. In 2014, a survey showed that the neighborhood was welcoming “more tourists, coming via digital platforms” such as Airbnb. Paris is the second largest destination for the Airbnb platform in the world. This generated in 2012-2013 a turnover of over 240 million dollars.

Moreover, the Marais is therefore the shopping Eldorado. Luxury, fast fashion or vintage, all the trends launched by influencers and bloggers or fashion journalists come from the Marais district. It is also for these reasons that the Marais is a must. Just a step away from Uniqlo you can find Chanel or Manoush. The Marais is becoming the new avenue Montaigne. The BHV even gave itself the name Marais to highlight its makeover. It is now a landmark for the entire neighborhood. Since the opening of the Picasso museum, the flow of tourists has increased again.

Secondly the Marais is the place to go to get your nails done, to go to cooking workshops or to shop for example at Bash, Comptoir des Cotonniers, APC, Ami Paris and many others. Indeed, the Marais district is one of the most commercial of the capital because there are Fashion boutiques, Concept-Stores, Design, big brands, independent designers’ workshops, vintage thrift stores… Everything is there to find your happiness. The best part ? Most of the stores in the Marais are open on Sundays. And, the Marais is indeed the number one fashion district in Paris.

Finally there are many small brands as well as young designers who organize previews for their collections. The Marais is a lively neighborhood. Also the best streets in the Marais to look for Paris Fashion Week activities are for example : Saint-Merri. There are also Rue de Turenne and Place des Vosges and Rue Debelleyme and Rue Charlot and Rue Vielle du Temple. In these areas, you can easily find over looked Parisians. They flaunt their sharp style. You can also find fashion buyers going from one showroom to another.