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Art: where to rent art galleries to exhibit in the Marais?

First, The Marais district is a very popular area for art. Whether during the week or on weekends. During major cultural events such as Fashion Week, Paris photo or during the vacations. Moreover, The Marais knows no off-peak hours. Stores are open every Sunday like for example the BHV Marais. Near the city hall and the main metro lines, the Marais attracts all the tourists of Paris. The district becomes almost the Champs-Elysées of Paris.

Secondly, all the bloggers, journalists or modders have taken up residence in the Marais. The fashion but also the art prevail. The Place des Vosges hosts the most beautiful art galleries in Paris. Place Vendôme is known for its jewelry, but Place des Vosges is known for its art. In addition, You can find Jeff Koons but also many contemporary artists. Located above the Galerie 26 at 26 place des Vosges is a Galerie Joseph.

The Marais and its artists

Galerie Joseph is perfect for your art exhibitions

Its 20 art galleries are perfect for your exhibitions. Moreover, the spaces are nestled in the heart of the Marais. You can also find all the art exhibitors on the Place des Vosges. The Marais and Place des Vosges are lively locations. They are known internationally. Indeed, Paris is the first tourist destination in the world. The Marais attracts the whole world for its small designer boutiques and its big luxury brands.

To sum up, the 4th arrondissement is full of art galleries. They host prestigious art events such as the drawing art fair, art paris art fair, Pad Paris, Urban Art Fair, and the Fiac. Indeed, Joseph galleries are perfect for organizing your art events and exhibitions in Paris. All the art galleries for rent can be adapted to all your needs. Gallery availability can be found on the Joseph Galleries website.

Exhibitions in Paris

Galerie Joseph is perfect for your art exhibitions

The art world is evolving. It is no longer rare today to see an artist or a curator open an ephemeral gallery or a pop-up gallery to receive collectors and amateurs. Less dependent on the more classical representation of the big galleries. It’s a good way to keep control of the pieces they want to show. It is also a good way to control their image, their programming, and their marketing. In short, it’s a great way to get started while limiting your risks and long-term commitments. Indeed, these spaces can be reserved for only a few days.
In effect, Renting a gallery is the best way to exhibit in the Marais in Paris and enjoy a good visibility. It is also to take advantage of a place already equipped: tables, chairs, racks, wifi in a district thus considered today as the nerve center of the Parisian art market. Art lovers from all over the world frequent the Marais.

Renting an art gallery more than an experience

For nearly ten years, the most prestigious contemporary art galleries in Paris have taken up residence in the historic Marais district.

“Arty and trendy, the Marais has become the favorite district for contemporary art galleries. The most renowned ones gather around the streets Saint-Merri, Charlot, Turenne, and Froissart.
The galleries continue to invest the district, one after the other. They form a cultural route appreciated by art lovers. In addition, the Alaia Museum, the Picasso Museum, and the Carreau du Temple host salons dedicated to drawing and creation. These places have definitely made the Marais an essential part of the Parisian gallery circuit. Renting an exhibition space in an ephemeral gallery is an excellent way to have access to a well placed space. These galleries allow the passage of artists, clients from all over the world and art lovers.