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Where to do fashion shoots in Paris

When it comes to doing fashion shoots in Paris, choosing the right space is crucial. This is true whether you are a professional photographer or a fashion enthusiast. It’s important to find a rental space that suits your needs to get the results you want. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when looking for a space to rent for an indoor shoot.

How to select your location for a fashion shoot in Paris

The size of the space

The size of the space is an important factor to consider when looking for a rental. You need to make sure the space is large enough to accommodate photography equipment, models, stylists and assistants. This will allow you to move around the space easily and get the desired shooting angles.

The flexibility of the space

It is important to find a rental space that is flexible enough to meet your needs. Make sure the space has enough electrical outlets to power your photography equipment. As well as enough space to set up lights and shooting accessories. Also, if you need to change the look of the space for different looks, look for modular spaces. They can be customized to fit your needs. Finally, it’s important to have a space for model preparation (makeup, hair, dressing).

Natural light

Natural light is a crucial element to getting high quality fashion photos. When looking for a rental space for an indoor fashion shoot, look for spaces with large windows and lots of natural light. This will help create a natural and soft atmosphere for your photos.

The background

The background is another important element to consider for an indoor fashion shoot. Look for spaces with white or neutral walls, which can be easily changed to suit your needs. If you want a specific background, look for spaces that offer exposed brick walls or murals.

The equipment

Finally, equipment can play an important role in the production of your fashion shoots in Paris. Look for rental spaces that offer a minimum of furniture to accommodate your teams and why not be integrated into your scenes. Think in particular about tables, chairs and sofas to be able to work comfortably. In addition, a good internet connection is appreciated, if you need to communicate with your teams remotely, or transfer live images. For longer shootings, a catering space can also be interesting.

In conclusion, choosing the right rental space for an indoor fashion shoot can make a big difference in the quality of your photos. By keeping in mind the size of the space, its flexibility, the natural light, the background and the available props, you can find a space that suits you. To help you out even more, here are some ideas of places you can rent in Paris for your fashion shoots.

Our selection of spaces for your fashion shoots

84, rue de Turenne : a white canvas for your fashion shootings in Paris

All-white gallery in the Marais for fashion shoots in Paris.

This modular space has a surface of 226m2, to accommodate and adapt to your shootings. Its neutral and uncluttered architecture is ideal to be customized at will, whether you are looking for a white background… or a white canvas on which to project yourself.

Place des Vosges: a Parisian essential

Gallery place des Vosges in Paris, rented for fashion shoots

The Place des Vosges is an iconic place in the capital, and this space has an unobstructed view of this architectural jewel. But the interior is no less representative of Parisian elegance with its moldings and herringbone parquet. Enough to give your shoot a luxurious dimension.

21, rue des filles du Calvaire : for an industrial atmosphere

Industrial atmosphere gallery for rent for fashion shoots in Paris

This 130m2 space has both beautiful modular volumes, and raw concrete walls for a very industrial side. Whether you wish to personalize it or not, you will enjoy a superb glass roof which will ensure a magnificent natural light to your images.