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Showroom Paris Fashion Week : which place to choose ?

“Location, location, location!” goes the saying, whether it’s a boutique or a temporary showroom to showcase your brand’s latest creations during Paris Fashion Week. The choice of location is extremely strategic! Indeed, it is the first thing your visitors will notice, hence the importance of selecting it carefully. 

To be sure to make the right choice, here are some criteria to consider.

The characteristics of the perfect showroom

  • Surface: it is important that the space where your brand is installed is large enough to accommodate your collection… And that your visitors can move around in it! On the other hand, it would be a shame to see too much space, at the risk of your place looking empty. 
  • Adaptability of the space: whatever your choice, you must be able to project yourself in the place and make it your own in order to deploy your brand’s universe.
  • Location: The area around your showroom is almost as important as the place you are setting up in. Before making your choice, ask yourself the following questions: What is the image of this area? How busy is it? What is it known for? Is it a place where my customers like to go? What businesses are located in the area?
  • Light: The light that bathes your spaces is essential. Choose natural light as much as possible. It will highlight your products and make the space more welcoming for your visitors.
  • Cachet: The aesthetics of the location can add a special touch to your collection. Whether it’s a place with a historic cachet or a state-of-the-art contemporary design. It’s an interesting element to play with to create a unique setting for your brand.
  • Access: Whether you choose to rent a space on the street, in full view of everyone, or in the courtyard, for a more intimate atmosphere, make sure it is accessible, both on foot and by transportation.

The Marais, an ideal district to exhibit your collections

The Marais district in Paris is very popular with fashion brands to set up boutiques, pop-up stores and showrooms during Paris Fashion Week for several reasons:

  • Central location: It is located in the heart of Paris, which makes it one of the busiest areas of the capital, not to mention easy access to potential clients and the media. 
  • Historical atmosphere: This is one of the oldest districts of Paris. It is known for its cobblestone streets, stone houses and historic buildings. All of these elements provides a charming and elegant atmosphere that can be very attractive to fashion brands.
  • Target market: The Marais is already a concentration point for many high-end fashion brands and art galleries, which can offer additional visibility for the fashion showrooms installed in the neighborhood. In fact, it attracts a public interested in fashion and culture.
  • Infrastructure : Finally, it is an area well served by public transportation, which facilitates access to customers and guests of the showroom. In addition, the area has many restaurants, hotels and shopping centers to meet the needs of visitors and employees.

Some examples of locations for your showrooms in the Marais

The Marais district is full of atypical places to rent to set up your showroom. Galerie Joseph presents some of these exceptional spaces.

Place des Vosges, a luxury setting

espace Galerie Joseph place des Vosges à louer pour des showroom à Paris

This light-filled space has a view of one of the most sumptuous squares in Paris. Spread over 250m2, this place has six vast rooms to set up your showroom during Paris Fashion Week. The icing on the cake? Its magnificent herringbone parquet floor.

Rue Charlot, a modernity charged with history 

espace Galerie Joseph rue Charlot dans le Marais, showroom à Paris

This former blacksmith’s shop is located on the street. With a large window overlooking a 100m2 space, no doubt it will attract the eye of passers-by to your collection. Moreover, it has a mezzanine for a presentation on several levels. 

Rue Braque, window on courtyard

espace Galerie Joseph dans le Marais, showroom à Paris

Located in a classified courtyard in the heart of the Marais, this gallery has a space of 175m2 extremely bright thanks to its large window. A screen both intimate and luxurious for your brand.