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Parisians’ appetite for Japanese stalls is well known, but it is true that the offer and the quality are exploding lately.


The latest opening is Totto Restaurant, near the square Trousseau, founded by two Japanese chefs, Izumi Terutaka and Nanyo Kurihashi, who have more than ten years of experience in classic Japanese cuisine in France and Japan.
After passing through the traditional noren (Japanese curtains), we discover a wooden counter, a semi-open kitchen and a handmade Japanese wallpaper (washi).


Then comes the moment of the tasting. A menu of sushi (nigiri), sashimi and small dishes in the izakaya style (Japanese “bistro”) accompanied, if you wish, by a nice selection of natural wines. A rare initiative to be highlighted. We start with a delicious sesame tofu, graphic and fine. Then follow steamed clams with sake, a perfectly executed dish but without much surprise. The nigiris arrive, a sweet mix of explosive freshness and finesse fills the palate until the nigiri bar, shiso, umeboshi (Japanese fruit that looks like a plum, also used in the preparation of sake) that instantly provokes a real umami thanks to the power and delicacy of the fruit on this exquisitely fresh bar. Other discoveries of nigiri, grilled caramelized eel, mackerel, shrimp, sea bream, salmon roe … classic, but great classic. You will never taste sushi in the same way again after coming to Totto.


A little original sweetness to end this fabulous meal: grilled mochi with red bean sauce.
All this accompanied by a delicious red saumur Consonance signed Jonathan Maunoury.

An address to discover without hesitation. The only problem is that you will be more demanding than the classic sushi usually served…


Totto Restaurant
6, rue Théophile-Roussel, Paris 12e

Formulas and menus 21-32 € (lunch) and 50 € (lunch and dinner). Starters 5-21 €, sushi and sashimi 25 35 €, desserts 6-8 €

Antoine Blanc

France – Paris